Paris/Munich6月 13, 2022

Keep operational control in the congested frequency spectrum

At Eurosatory 2022, Rohde & Schwarz is unveiling a new sensor, software and two new antennas that combine to form cutting-edge COMINT/CESM or military spectrum monitoring solutions.

The R&S CEPTOR by Rohde & Schwarz software features an intuitive and clearly structured interface that guides users through typical workflows. (Image: Rohde & Schwarz)
The R&S CEPTOR by Rohde & Schwarz software features an intuitive and clearly structured interface that guides users through typical workflows. (Image: Rohde & Schwarz)

The Rohde & Schwarz’ technology portfolio provides dedicated support for communications intelligence (COMINT), communications electronic support measures (CESM) and spectrum monitoring missions. The innovations unveiled at Eurosatory 2022, in Paris, France, 13-17 June 2022, at booth #567, hall 6, include the R&S UMS400 lightweight universal monitoring system, new direction finding and monitoring antennas, and intuitive R&S CEPTOR radiomonitoring software.

R&S UMS400 is developed for spectrum monitoring and radiolocation from 8 kHz to 8 GHz (extendable up to 20 GHz) and features a compact outdoor housing with excellent size, weight and power (SWaP) characteristics. Its superior spectrum performance brings great value to advanced COMINT platform systems. The system is vital to obtaining actionable intelligence for situational awareness and contribute to larger multi sensor intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions and force protection during tactical operations.

The new R&S ADD557SR and R&S ADD597 monitoring and direction-finding antenna systems deliver reliable measurement results even in dense spectrum environments. They are typically installed on mobile platforms in combination with a multichannel direction finder (R&S ADD557SR) or a single-channel direction finder (R&S ADD597) to detect and geolocate tactical low probability of intercept (LPI) communications as well as critical conventional communications, such as private mobile radios (PMR).

The R&S CEPTOR software controls radiomonitoring systems for public safety and security authorities and armed forces for situational awareness in constantly changing communications environments. The intuitive and clearly structured interface guides users through typical workflows. Tasks are performed quickly and effectively and practical default settings and automated steps provide support and deliver the desired results without users having to worry about the specific characteristics of each sensor.

Rohde & Schwarz is a key partner for armed forces, law enforcement, governmental authorities along with internal and external security organizations. The company produces high technology solutions at company-owned sites with a deep industrial value chains and vertical integration. The new sensor, antenna and software portfolios provide operators with cutting-edge COMINT/CESM solutions for spectrum dominance and situational awareness. They can also monitor congested RF spectra for spectrum awareness, interference hunting and measure coverage and occupancy.

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