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Do you want to come up with your own ideas for real innovations? We offer you the perfect environment and the freedom you need to make that a reality. See for yourself and learn what teamwork looks like at Rohde & Schwarz and how we celebrate our successes and make ideas real.

We want to work with you to shape the future of a safer and connected world!


作为一家独立的家族企业,罗德与施瓦茨的历史已超过 85 年,业务范围涵盖整个价值链。我们基于创意想法研发、生产和销售各类产品,让所有人的生活更加丰富多彩。我们的 12,000 名员工为未来的智慧城市、物联网和通信标准奠定了基础。他们是我们能够取得长期成功的基石。您愿意将自己的非凡想法变成真正的创意吗?罗德与施瓦茨打造了自由的企业环境,可满足您的需求。带上您的创意扬帆起航,与我们携手打造安全的网络化未来世界。


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Smart cities

With their work, Nazan Scheunert and her colleagues are bringing smart cities to life

Did you know that Rohde & Schwarz is building the foundations of smart cities? In smart cities, practically everything and everyone will be connected: vehicles, buildings, infrastructures and people.

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Thanks to Mike Coenen and his colleagues, the sound of "The Hobbit" is perfect

One of our development teams has been working on groundbreaking technology for the world of cinema. If you prefer to stream your fravourite movies you'll be benefitting from the team's ideas as well.

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Air traffic safety

Jörg Kilpert and his team make sure that the air traffic controller can contact the pilot at all times.

In order to experience safe takeoff and landing, perfectly synchronized communication is key.

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After starting out without a high school diploma, Gudrun Engel now supports complex customer projects

Every day our employees meet customers' expectations with passion, dedication and intelligence. Therefore it is crucial to support them in their technical, professional and personal development.

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我们的员工 – 我们的项目

Online Technology Talks by Rohde & Schwarz

Take part in our virtual event series!

  • When: May 19 of 2020, end of June
  • Where: online
  • What: exciting talks like "5G Broadcast" or "Deep Learning - Test cases for Mobile Network Testing"

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罗德与施瓦茨的 C++ 交流会

我们期待系统架构师 Nicolai Josuttis 莅临我们于 2020 年 3 月 11 日在慕尼黑举办的下一场 C++ 交流会。届时,他将谈论 C++17 并展示代码示例,向所有人介绍这项新标准的强大之处。


Rohde & Schwarz Engineering Competition 2021

Bring signal analysis to the next level!

  • Who: electrical engineering and computer science students
  • What: Online challenge with finals in Munich
  • Prize money: USD 10,000.

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如果您希望与他人一起热烈讨论目前的技术话题,那就参加我们在 2020 年 1 月 23 日举办的下一场“技术谈话”活动,与我们一起探讨毫米波技术吧。我们期待收到您的注册申请。


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