10. Remote Operation

Remote operation implies no use of a programming language. That means you perform no automation, you simply control your instrument from a distance manually. You can use either a special application (Remote Desktop, VNC viewer) or a web browser if the instrument provides a web server. The following application notes discuss this topic:

Remote Desktop applications offer one-to-one connection, therefore they cannot be used for remote support purposes. Web browser-based remote operation have no resource locking, the last connection attempt always wins.

If you wish to interact with your instrument from a mobile phone or a tablet, see more information in the following application notes:

R&S Forum combines the option of sending SCPI commands with the possibility to create macros of more SCPI commands sent together:

RSCommander is another remote operation tool from Rohde & Schwarz; a multi-platform application offering interactive SCPI command communication, exchange of files between your computer and your instrument, retrieving traces, screenshots and much more:




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