R&S®Browser in the Box

R&S®Browser in the Box

"The most secure web browser in the world": Safe and comfortable surfing the Internet

The Internet, with billions of users and unlimited computing power, is the most powerful network of all time. Therefore, it is not surprising that cybercrime is on the rise. In addition to failed system or software updates, the browser in particular is the gateway for viruses, Trojans, ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats and zero-day exploits. A secure web browser is therefore indispensable in companies and public authorities. With R&S®Browser in the Box, we have the perfect solution for you!

The biggest problem while using browsers is active content such as Flash, Java, JavaScript, ActiveX or HTML 5, whereby foreign code is executed on the PC, on the own operating system and thus in the data infrastructure itself. If this program code contains malicious software, it is also executed. This includes e-mails with malicious links that you open in the browser. Consequently, a secure web browser is essential.

Your requirements for a secure web browser

With R&S®Browser in the Box, you can feel completely safe when surfing the Internet. The basic principle here is that we completely separate the operating system and browser from each other. We keep malware away from the PC or the corporate network. Very important: For users, there are no restrictions on surfing the Internet. They use the secure web browser as usual. For companies, this type of secure Internet access means a considerable relief. This is because fewer hacked PCs reduce the downtime of IT systems and the associated loss of productivity.

Advantages of our secure web browser R&S®Browser in the Box

  • You get a secure web browser developed in cooperation with the Federal Office for Information and Security (BSI)
  • Secure Internet access for surfing and e-mails including attachments (Windows 7, 8.1, 10)
  • Your PCs and network are protected against Trojans, ransomware, ATPs and zero-day exploits
  • Dangerous scripts and the click on malicious links no longer pose a threat
  • High usability of a secure web browser: the user doesn't have to get used to a new system/browser environment
  • Convenient and detailed management of security rules & configurations

Secure web conferences with R&S®Browser in the Box

R&S®Browser in the Box is the only solution with a new product feature that now also enables secure participation in web conferences in a fully virtualized browsing environment. This includes the secure use of the microphone and the webcam!

Browser in the Box - Enterprise

R&S®Browser in the Box – 工作站

  • 安全浏览互联网
  • 通过全虚拟化实现最高安全
  • 结合 Microsoft Hyper-V,提供完整的安全数据包
  • 集中管理和 LDAP 支持
  • 针对第三方组件的开源支持
Browser in the Box -Terminal Server

R&S®Browser in the Box - 终端服务器

  • 支持终端服务器和虚拟化服务器环境
  • 通过全虚拟化实现最高安全
  • 防止恶意软件、零日攻击以及高级的持久性威胁
  • 集中管理和 LDAP 支持
  • 采用 Microsoft Hyper-V,提供完整的安全数据包
  • 通过 Citrix Ready 验证

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eGovernment Readers Choice Awards 2018

eGovernment Readers Choice Awards 2018

The fully virtualized R&S®Browser in the Box has been awarded with Silver at the “eGovernment Readers Choice Award” 2018 in the category „Identity and Security“.






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