European Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

European Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

From June 13, 2017 onwards, any radio equipment placed on the European market and put into service must conform to the new RED.

准备好遵守 RED?

欧盟于 2014 年 4 月 16 日正式通过的最新无线电设备指令取代了之前的指令 RTTED 1999/5/EC(俗称 R&TTE)。RED 于 2014 年 5 月 22 日公布并于 2016 年 6 月 13 日生效,之后到制造商贯彻新要求又经历了一年过渡期。

RED 提出了无线电设备的有关要求,此类设备诸如广播数字电视及无线电接收机、移动电话、卫星接收机以及任何使用 WLAN、Bluetooth 或 ZigBee 协议的设备。根据 RED,无线电发射机以及无线电接收机都必须满足最低监管性能要求,而且必须通过相关测试。

RED requirements

Raising Requirements

Radio equipment must comply with the “essential requirements” covered in article 3 of the RED. Beside general requirements relating, for example, to the protection of health and safety covered by Article 3.1(a) and electromagnetic compatibility covered by Article 3.1(b), the RED also contains fundamental technical requirements covered by Article 3.2. While R&TTE mainly focused on radio transmitters, the new RED adds a crucial requirement and explicitly covers the receiver sections of radio equipment as well as mere radio receivers. Radio equipment must not only effectively use the radio spectrum, it must also support the efficient use of the radio spectrum to avoid interference with terrestrial and orbital communications.

Products Covered

In general, the RED covers all products and equipment that intentionally transmit or receive radio waves for communications or radio determination in the frequency range from almost DC to 3000 GHz. This is independent of the product’s primary function as long as it includes, for example, a cellular communications standard such as WCDMA and LTE, a non-cellular standard such as WLAN, Bluetooth and RFID, a broadcasting standard such as AM/FM, DAB, DRM and DVB-T/T2 or radar or satellite navigation for radio determination. Such radio equipment needs to achieve a minimum level of performance in terms of sensitivity and selectivity, which must be demonstrated by appropriate measurements.

Testing Needs

The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the radio equipment he designs and manufactures is in accordance with the essential requirements covered in Article 3 of the RED. If the radio equipment complies with the applicable harmonized standard published in the Official Journal (OJ) of the European Union, it is presumed to be in conformity with Article 3 of the directive. Several test cases described in the harmonized standards can be performed with manually operated test setups. More demanding test cases for complex radio equipment require automated test systems. Rohde & Schwarz supports a full range of test solutions to perform the required test cases.


EMC test solutions to cover article 3.1(b) of RED

Article 3.1(b) requires an adequate level of electromagnetic compatibility for all radio equipment that falls within RED 2014/53/EU.

Select your standard-compliant EMC test solution.

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Test solutions to cover article 3.2 of RED

Compliance with Article 3.2 of radio equipment directive 2014/53/EU requires a range of typical transmitter and receiver tests.

Select your standard-compliant test solution.

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Manual testing of typical TX and RX parameters

A test setup with a signal generator and signal analyzer enables manual testing of typical TX and RX parameters to ensure compliance with Article 3.2 of RED 2014/53/EU.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Find the answers to your questions about RED 2014/53/EU, harmonized standards and related test requirements.

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