Demystifying EMC 2021 - virtual

Demystifying EMC 2021 - virtual


February 9 - 11, 2021
09:00 to 18:00 CEST

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Virtual / Online

Demystifying EMC 2021 - virtual

Delivering expertise - High quality presentations, training, resources and application demos - free to industry

Join EMC experts from across the industry, live and online at the first Rohde & Schwarz virtual Demystifying EMC conference.

Maximize your opportunity to engage with more industry leading EMC experts than ever before, with a mix of live and on demand sessions focused on knowledge sharing, training and industry insights.

Combined with a full virtual exhibition from Rohde & Schwarz and our EMC partner companies, delegates have the opportunity to gather an industry wide perspective on the latest trends and updates, and to hear from an international pool of experts with years of combined practical EMC experience.

Join the event to benefit from the live only, hour long, fundamental training sessions delivered each day from leading EMC trainer Lee Hill, and choose from the wide range of on-demand keynotes, presentation session and interactive content, at a time that suits you.

DEMC conference

Conference keynotes - live

The fully connected automotive world poses new challenges for vehicle manufacturers, road infrastructure authorities, data-communication suppliers, plus supporting system integrators and test houses. Special emphasis will be placed on new coexistence topics at the conference, in addition to established EMC issues.

Our key topics - only live, over the course of three days:

  • Opening keynote by Christina Gessner, Rohde & Schwarz vice president for EMC test receivers, spectrum and network analyzers.
  • Live only daily EMC fundamental training sessions from Lee Hill, a founding partner of Silent Solutions LLC and leading global EMC training expert, with three decades of EMC experience.
  • Testing vehicles in a real-world environment (EME) by Sam Chew, EMC specialist at Rohde & Schwarz (Asia)
  • Over-The-Air testing of electrically large Objects – from Massive MIMO to vehicle-integrated transceivers by Benoit Derat, Senior director at Rohde &Schwarz for OTA and antenna test solutions
  • Consequences of lost data packets – talk on RF coexistence testing by Naseef Mahmud, Solution manager at Rohde & Schwarz for wireless coexistence testing

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Educational area - On demand sessions

In the on demand area, take full advantage of comprehensive educational resources providing a wealth of content from Rohde & Schwarz and our EMC industry partners, all offered free of charge to conference participants.

Hear from our Rohde & Schwarz experts on topics including EMI debugging, EMC pre-compliance and compliance testing, laboratory and real-world test, the special needs of vehicle testing, and all the support issues of calibration and service essential for accurate EMC testing on schedule.

In addition, discover the wide range of sessions on the latest trends in the global EMC industry, covering aspects of product design, test, simulations, regulatory compliance and standards.

Partners already announced for the 2021 event include Element Material Technologies, Eurofins E&E, Würth Electronics, Dassault Simulia, EMC Partner, Albatross Projects, UL and TUV SUD, with more still to be announced.

For detailed information, download the educational area agenda now.

Download agenda

Virtual exhibition - on demand content - live chat

Delegates will have the chance to engage with the virtual exhibition element of the event, where Rohde & Schwarz and industry partners will display products and solutions direct to the EMC community.

Live chat functionality will enable delegates the opportunity to engage directly with a wide range of EMC experts to help them to overcome their specific EMC challenges.

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Event set up

Conference stream

Conference stream

Listen to our conference live stream and chat afterwards with our presenters.

Educational area

Educational area

Comprehensive educational resources providing a wealth of content from Rohde & Schwarz and our EMC industry partners. On demand. Just pick and watch.

Meet the experts

Meet the experts

You want to talk to our experts in person? Just use the chat function to get in contact with Rohde & Schwarz experts and our partners all day long.

Rohde & Schwarz virtual booth and partner area

Rohde & Schwarz virtual booth and partner area

Come closer and click through our virtual booth set up of application demos and take the opportunity to chat with all experts right away.

Our speakers

Lee Hill, Founder SILENT Solutions LLC

Lee Hill, Founder SILENT Solutions LLC

Lee Hill has over 30 years of experience providing hands-on hardware troubleshooting and design reviews to solve and prevent elusive regulatory and functional electrical noise problems. He is Founding Partner of SILENT Solutions LLC and GmbH, an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and RF design, troubleshooting, and training firm established in 1992.

Lee teaches EMC worldwide and is a member of adjunct faculty at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and an EMC instructor at University of Oxford (England). He earned his MSEE in electromagnetics from the Missouri University of Science and Technology EMC Laboratory. Lee is the named inventor of three US patents for EMI control in electronic systems, and provides expert witness services for patent litigation.

Sam Chew, EMC specialist engineer, Rohde & Schwarz

Sam Chew , EMC Specialist Engineer, Rohde & Schwarz

Sam Chew has more than 23 years of experience in Systems Business specializing in the field of EMC and RF test and measurement solutions. He is involved actively in the design and execution of several Autonomous Vehicle (AV) EMC projects involving various functions such as car radar, C-V2V, and EMC-eCALL automation. He was granted a patent for RF field sensor mast design, and has additionally filed 2 more patents relating to EMC test solutions.

Naseef Mahmud, Application Development Engineer

Naseef Mahmud, Application Development Engineer, Rohde & Schwarz

Naseef Mahmud received his Master’s Degree in Electrical, IT and computer engineering with a focus on communication engineering from the RWTH Aachen University in Germany. Over the years, Naseef had the unique opportunity to work with and gain industry insights from some of the biggest companies in multiple industries.

He holds multiple patents in the field of satellite, IoT and automotive testing. Naseef has established himself as a trusted advisor for the topic of over the air testing and coexistence testing for Rohde & Schwarz as well as their customers. He represents Rohde & Schwarz at different standardization bodies around the world such as at ETSI, REDCA and ANSI.

Dr. Benoit Derat, Senior Director of Engineering, Rohde & Schwarz

Dr. Benoit Derat, Senior Director of Engineering, Rohde & Schwarz

In 2009, Benoit Derat founded the company ART-Fi, which created the first vector-array SAR measurement system and initiated the IEC 62209-3 standard development. Since 2017 Dr. Derat is now leading the R&D for EMC, OTA, antenna and AD test systems, as Senior Director of Engineering.

He is the author of more than 70 scientific conference and journal papers, as well as an inventor on close to 30 patents relating to antenna and electromagnetic field measurements. He received the engineering degree from SUPELEC (Gif-sur-Yvette, France) in 2002 and a Ph.D. degree in physics from University of Paris XI (Orsay, France) with honors in 2006.

Our Demystifying EMC 2021 partners
Our Demystifying EMC 2021 partners

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